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hello all, i'm heather, and i had to join this community because the starlight mints are so spectacular and definitely one of my favorite favorite favorite bands.

about live in new jersey, which is an unbelieveably pitiful state. some other stuff i listen to...radiohead, supergrass, the thermals, muse, dressy bessy, the unicorns, mr. bungle, arcade fire...thats all i can think of right now

oh and im ALWAYS looking for new friends. so comment, i won't bite =)
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is new jersey the garden state?
i flew into newark go to new york...well, really we went to philly first, and then new york...but it was cheaper to fly into newark.
anyway, it smelt like was gross. but we only saw the airport really...
yep, new jersey's the garden state, but i never really understood that because it really is more like the swamp state...or the bog state...or maybe even the mud state

anyway, newark smells like cow? never noticed that. i'll check that out next time i'm at the airport. heh.
Hey there. You're a fucking Slut right?

*stalk, stalk*
*gasp*! how DO you do it.