Brett C. Wilms (bwilms) wrote in starlight_mints,
Brett C. Wilms

Starlight Mints on Barsuk. New LP 4/11/06

Barsuk announces 3 new signings: Mates of States, Starlight Mints and Viva Voce [ 05 Dec 2005 ]

In addition to our most recent signing (Rocky Votolato album due in January 2006), Barsuk is pleased to announce the addition of Mates of State, Starlight Mints, and Viva Voce to our roster. Mates of State's Barsuk debut, bring it back, will be released on March 21, 2006; Starlight Mints' as-yet-untitled album will be out the following month, April 2006; and then sometime later in the year the new record from Viva Voce will be released. Check back for more news, tour dates, and sample MP3s in the coming weeks.

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